In the uncoolest way, I loved school – all of it – elementary, high school, university.  I just realized I graduated from university 10, ohmygosh, 10 YEARS ago.  I am so far from university: 1) Africa (how the heck did that happen?) and, 2) staying at home with kids playing housewife.  Yeesh.  So I’ve been daydreaming about exercising my brain once again and expanding my options once the kids are off to school.  This online program piqued my interest but I have no idea how to pay for it or if I would be able to fufill the on-campus residency requirement down the road.  Like I said, it’s a daydream.  Nice to have options though, isn’t it?


One thought on “Daydreaming

  1. I relate to exactly what you are saying. In the summer between grade eight and nine, I remember when I was getting my hair cut and the barber cutting my hair was mocking about me having to go back to school in a couple of weeks and I pretended to have it bother me but inside I could hardly wait to get back to school. I would have loved to stayed in school, gone to University. Do it if you can. Read the Brain that changes ITSELF. I just may go back when I am 65 if it is free then??

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