Ode to Migraines

I love this article that goes beyond describing the pain of migraines but captures the accompanying feeling as well.  I particularly identify with this line “Rather than being slammed into a wall, it feels as if my head is stuck in a closing door. It’s the dull agony of a deadline looming, of a nagging phobia, of going up in a lift as your vertigo builds.”  It uses beautiful language to describe a not-so-beautiful event.

And this drawing captures the feeling entirely.

I have yet to consider a migraine as a good thing.  I do know it’s my body telling me I’m not taking care of us very well.  It could be too many carbs, a chocolate bar before bed or a glass of red wine that throws me into the migraine abyss.  A migraine is a very forceful way of getting me to realign and adjust bad habits, become hyper aware of my body and slow right the fuck down. 

So, a toast – to migraines! The maladjustive aligner of body wrongs!


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