Moving House

Here are some pictures of our new place.  The most exciting part is the GREEN! I’m not sugar coating it – you may still see see some boxes, garbage bags and suitcases but due to lack of closets (yep, zero) we can’t move ALL the way in quite yet.  The house itself is smaller than our old place but is a lot more charming. 


We love eating here – especially in the mornings.


Complete with potty – Dags is in training.


This is the outdoor kitchen and two extra rooms – one is for Misrak and the other is for storage.


This shower was designed by the husband! Fancy huh.


This is the living room and this window faces out to the backyard.  We have trees! And disarray.  And trees!


This is the girls’ bedroom.  Zizi requested pink walls. (Take notice of the framed picture…her favourite dog, Boo.)


Look at THAT! No, not the satellite dish in pieces on the grass.  That tree. 

This place is our little Ethiopian paradise.

So despite the chaos, we’re settling in slowly and enjoying the pace this new house (along with it’s greenery) is bringing us. 

And can I just say, like all people, I really really hate moving.  Mostly I hate making decisions about every thing-a-ma-bob.  Should I keep it? Where do I put it now that I’ve kept it? I’m just not good at organizing and I just need to confess that here.  There, I’ve said it.  So if I update photos and you still see the giant dictionary sitting on the edge of the couch for no apparent reason, you’ll know why.


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