Oh the noise! Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise.

Tonight our bedroom sounds like a club.  There have been a bunch of new bars that have opened just up the korakoanch.  Yes, the windows in my house are not well sealed.  But I think despite that problem, the bars are excessively loud.  And yes, I’m a foreigner and like all foreigners, I feel entitled.  I feel entitled to quiet in my home. 

I fell in love in a hopeless place

I envision myself marching across the road and asking both politely and not so politely in both English and Amharic (although the words would be rather strung together) if they could turn it down.  Maybe an Ethiopian song would be playing so I would wait until a Western song came so that no one would assume I didn’t like the Ethiopian song playing because, god forbid, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.  And maybe they would be friendly, maybe they would make fun of the entitled-feeling foreigner in her Canada pyjama t-shirt.  Maybe they would turn it down or maybe they would turn it up.  And maybe I would tear out the speakers from the wall or maybe I would say thank you or maybe I would leave with tears in my eyes.  Or maybe I will just sit here and write a blog entry.  And feel voiceless in this city and country that is not my own. 

I fell in love in a hopeless place

Dims – the word for noise here.  Dimsu yrabeshal.  The noise is disturbing.  I would tell them the noise is disturbing.  I don’t know how to say the noise is disturbing ME.  Quite fitting.

I fell in love in a hopeless place

Just bass now, no lyrics.  Fade out.


2 thoughts on “Oh the noise! Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise.

  1. How brilliant is this post? If I had a dollar for every time I felt like ripping the speakers out of someone’s car/restaurant/home/mobile phone…I’d be loaded. “Falling in love in a hopeless place” certainly has its days.

    Oh, and ps: that country, well it’s YOUR country; in some mercurial and porous way. That being said, next time march on over in your maple-leafed pyjamas and tell them to keep the damn dims down.

    • lol. well, the update to this is the husband has taken a formal route and has written a letter for the neighbourhood association about the noise, noise, noise, noise and is trying to get other neighbours to sign it. he approached one neighbour (on the day after the insanely loud music) who said the music didn’t bother them (?!). he’s since talked to a few other neighbours – one family is protestant and they are quite upset that their small daughter knows all the bar tunes and dances along. the other family is tired of the noise altogether and is moving out to the suburbs where it’s rumoured there is only the sound of birds. i’m doubtful. the music has been a lot quieter since he went to each bar and asked who is playing music so loudly – they all say it’s not them. so for now, no marching over in canadiana.

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