Who Makes the Magic Happen

Day in, day out at our house there is a woman who works hard, very hard, keeping the house clean and free of messes and stocked with clean clothes and enjera. I have to confess, it’s not me. I have to confess further that this housewife has a maid. And while it’s very common to have a maid in Ethiopia, I still see it as a huge luxury. We have had a few ladies that have come through our house to wash clothes and do general clean up. But Misrak has been living with us now for close to two years. She’s practically part of the family – she certainly knows my girls far better than anyone else. Her presence has not only been a great help but she has also fills the house with good energy. She doesn’t sigh a lot (I really don’t like people who sigh their life away) and she’s always kind and patient with my girlies.

Most women would probably love to have a maid. But I still feel a bit guilty about it – like it makes me less of a housewife.  But quite honestly, I need the help! I can’t keep up with the dust and dirt and disasters of every day life here.  And I definitely can’t keep up with the expectation that a house be absolutely spotless and tidy.  Guests in your home expect everything in it’s place and not a speck of dust and, on top of that, they expect to be served a meal no matter the time of day.  So yep – I have a live-in maid.  And I’m thankful.  She makes the magic happen. 

an older picture of Misrak with my girlies


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