In sight!

The little Daggy is almost two.  And I’m still nursing.  Most days it feels like I’m the only mama on the planet still nursing such a big kid.  I know that’s not true.  But I think it would be so great just to go out and do what I want when I want to without worrying about a crying, tired kid who needs a nurse.  In true nursing-kid form, she wakes up.  A lot.  At night.  From about six months on, Daggy has been waking up between 4 and 6 times a night.  It’s very very tiring and I crave sleeeeeeeeeep.  A good four hours would be uh-mazing.

I had no idea what life would be like beyond a 19-month old kid who nursed because that’s when I stopped with Zizi.  I gradually cut down with her and then stopped one day when I knew I was pregnant with Dags and felt quite run down.  When Daggy hit 21 months and I knew she could understand the conditional “If x, then y”, things began to improve.  If she could eat some bites of breakfast, then she was rewarded with a nurse.  And often a few bites would mean she would actually finish a meal! It was a huge change.  And it also meant that she nursed less in the nights because she was getting the calories she needed in the day.  I almost feel giddy knowing there’s *change*! Night after night of no sleep and now there’s hope for several continuous hours! Wow, wow, wow.  I am a happy mama.

I’m gonna keep nursing.  I can see our mama-kid interactions changing.  The nights are better.  We are loving each other in different ways – more cuddles and hugs and I love you’s. 

She’s lovely.

Heck ya.  I’m nursing this big kid.  It’s our love.


One thought on “In sight!

  1. There is no better gift a mother could give a child than nourishment from her own self! Koodos to you my dear.

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