Hot Stuff

This is Africa but it’s not as hothothot as you might expect.  Addis Ababa is located in the highlands which means hot days without much humidity and cool nights.  The other day the radio told me the high would be 33, and the low 8.  8! That’s pretty darn chilly.

And because we’re at such a high altitude, you really are that much closer to the sun; when you stand in the direct sunlight, it really does feel like it’s right on top of you.  It melts gum on the sidewalk and one day the sun melted my crocs into funny twisted shapes.  The kids have left crayons outside and they turn into piles of colourful goo.  When I wash my car, steam comes off it.

The sun is powerful.  In the obvious ways, it’s great – fresh laundry dries quickly, it’s easy to dry ingredients like hot peppers and things.  I don’t like microvwaves but I do like to use the Ethiopian sun as my own defroster.  It’s a decent way to defrost spring rolls for dinner tonight.  Sizzlin.




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