As I’ve mentioned before, I lack lady friends in my life.  I did put up a poster to attempt to start a lady group for mamas.  All the tabs were taken but I didn’t get a single email.  My guess is they had good intentions but never got around to sending that email.  My address wasn’t wrong – I checked.

Last week the girls and I met up with another mama who I’d met several years before.  I recently saw her at a book store and discovered her daughter is only a few months younger than Daggy so it was fun to hang out, have the babies chuckle at each other and talk the mama talk.

Not having ever-present lady friends in my life makes me think about the bestest friends I’ve had.  My best friend in elementary school – we were attached at the hip, they said.  (I moved.)  My best friend in high school – we were soul mates in the kindred spirit, Anne of Green Gables, but not hippy, kind of way.  (She moved.  And then I moved across the country for university.  She soon followed.)  We were attached at the hip as much as two people could be who lived separate lives with different goals.  Maybe we overdosed on each other but the relationship disintegrated when (get ready for the soap opera-like, ridiculous detail) I kissed her boyfriend’s good friend who had just broken up with his live-in girlfriend who he still lived with.  Maybe it’s not a ridiculous detail for some but it seems silly now.  It makes me sad to know the closeness is no longer.  I could find her quite easily if I wanted (isn’t that what Facebook is for?) but there would be the odd (quite possibly awkward) this-is-my-life-in-three-paragraphs-type email and that’s it.  Because I’m so far away, it feels pointless.  But kind of sad all the same.  Maybe the time for bestest friends is just done.


One thought on “Friends

  1. NO WAY the time for bestest friends in never done! They just change, we don’t see eachother as much, we don’t talk as much…but one thing never changes between ‘lady’ friends as you say…when we are required we NEVER fail to be there.

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