Tales from Zizi

I want to believe every little tiny minute detail that my Zizi tells me.  I don’t want to discount her ramblings as just toddler babble because they are her words.

She came back from playing with Yohanna, the little girl from next door,and I knew she’d had some ferfer (all you need to know is there is a lot of enjera (flat sour kinda pancake that is an essential here) and that enjera expands in your stomach) there.  I wanted her to have three bites of the fish curry we made but she ended up gagging and throwing up the curry! I was worried the neighbours might have given her some yogurt or something because she gets pretty sick from yogurt.  I asked her, “Did you eat yogurt at Yohanna’s house?”

“Ya, with strawberries.”  With that kind of detail, it must be true!

Nope, it wasn’t true.  We asked the neighbours.  Only the ferfer.

Had my Zizi girl lied? Or was she just mistaken?

Yesterday she told me she was Dora.  And later on she told me she wanted to get married.  I’m not sure what to believe any more.


One thought on “Tales from Zizi

  1. When my son was about three he was talking on the phone and told a story for 45minutes! NONE of it really happened! I think I stood there with my mouth hanging open for the entire time! I think they are trying to develop their imaginations.
    Not sure what my point it, but I suppose it’s normal development. She may need explanation but probably no need to worry, mom. Take care. I love to hear about life there. P.S. My boy is 14 years old now and he`s very honest.

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