Good Morning to Me

I woke up to excited shouting coming from Zizi’s bedroom this morning.  It felt too early.  I opened one eye and looked at the clock.  6:11 a.m.  Yep, too early.  I decided to get up anyway.  I could hear her saying “Mommy! It’s working!”

“What’s working babe?”

“The sun! It’s working.”

“It works most days babe.”

“Look Mommy!”

And then I saw what she was excited about.  The sky was still a dull blue but the clouds were lit up in pink and orange and the bright yellow of the sun shone through.  And it was all right in front of her window.  “Oh! It’s the sunrise!”

“Ya that’s the sunwise.”  And her slight mispronunciation was entirely spot on.


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