In an effort to do more for myself and meet more people, I’ve put up a poster at the pizza place asking if some mamas in town would like to meet up once a week to hang out, drink tea and chat.  A few days later, there are no tabs left on the poster but I haven’t gotten any emails quite yet.

I met a mama last week at a friend’s Sunday brunch and when she offered to hang out today, I said yes.  She said she would bring some of her friends who are mamas too.  The two friends brought their toddlers as well as their nannies.  If you are working full time and can afford to have a nanny who looks after your child while you’re at work, I get that.  But if you are out to spend time with your baby at a baby-centered activity, I don’t understand why the nanny needs to come along too.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.


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