The Tree Story

This is the story I tell Zizi every night.  She calls it “The Tree Story”.

There once was a naughty little boy named Gigi and he loved to go to school.  And there once was a little girl named Sara – she was a good girl who liked school too.  One day when Gigi got big, he decided to go to a special new school.  It was faaaaaar away so he had to get on a big airplane <insert big airplane noise here>.  Sara wanted to go to a special new school too so she got on a small airplane <insert small airplane noise here>.  And Gigi and Sara saw each other at the new school and became friends.  They did lots of things together – they ate dinner and saw bands play music and went on walks.  One day when they were walking they saw a beeeeeeeautiful tree and it was so beautiful that Sara and Gigi kissed under the big tree and they loved each other.  But Gigi had to go back on the big airplane and Sara loved him so much that she went with Gigi<insert big airplane noise here>.  They lived together in a small blue house.  And they loved each other so much that they had a baby and her name was Zelalem.  She was a lovely precious girl.  And Sara and Gigi really wanted Zelalem to have a sister so they had another baby and her name was Dagmawit.  She was a lovely precious girl too.  Zelalem and Dagmawit grew up and were best friends and the family loved each other very much.  The End.

Or something like that.


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