Lotsa Love

I don’t know much about parenting.  I like to think that I fall under the “Explain Everything As You’re Doing It/Never Lie to Your Children” kind of style.  And above all, maintain the love.  After reading one book that came highly recommended by family members (“Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice”), we’ve implemented the ‘naughty mat’ which is downstairs and happens for minor infractions.  Then there’s jail – the “go to your room” for hitting, screaming, etc.  Or even just to cool off if it all seems to be spinning out of control (for her or for me!). 

But I think the biggest tool as a parent is to say what you’re going to do and then do it.  Consequences have to be realistic.  If I she acts up in the car and I give the old “I’ll turn this car around!” then I had better be willing to go straight back home. 

Rewards have to happen as well.  If I see her playing nicely with her toys or kissing her sister gently, it gets reinforced with a lot of hugs and kisses.  Zizi doesn’t know what the word means but she loves to hear that we’re “proud” of her.  At night time, if I don’t tell her that I’m proud of her, she reminds me…”so proud of you Mommy”.

She’s truly a lovely girl.  There’s not a ton of discipline that goes on but I do like to be consistent where and when required.  I want there to be a lot of love in our house rather than her hearing a lot of “no”s.  I think most days we’re succeeding.


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