Vagina = bread?

So instead of referring to it as hoo-hoo or wee-wee or va-jay-jay, Ethiopians call a vagina “dabbo” aka bread.  Supposedly it has something to do with the shape bread was formed into here but you don’t see it like that anymore.  So the vagina is called bread.  The bigger leap to make, in my mind, is that this ‘bread’ can be eaten.  The laundry lady often pretends to eat my daughter’s ‘dabbo’ in a playful kind of way.  It disturbs me.  The other day my mother-in-law proceeded to kiss my daughter’s vagina while changing her diaper.  That really disturbed me.  Cultural difference?


One thought on “Vagina = bread?

  1. Whoa.

    This somehow reminded of “deed of the meat”

    (ok, properly translated “siga” in this case would be “flesh”, but still…another edible metaphor?)

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