10 days to go

I’m feeling quite huge these days.  I asked the husband if I look like one of those pregnant ladies you see and think “they’re gonna pop!”  The answer was “yes”.

Zizi was born a week before her due date.  So with only ten days to go, it feels like something might happen at any time now.  Last week, I was pretty nervous about the whole “whaddya mean I gotta go through the most intense experience ever AGAIN”.  Then the husband came with me to a prenatal class so the extra support is appreciated.  And I’m getting more excited wondering what this baby will look like, boy or girl, and looking forward to all the cuteness to come.  This week I’m a little more resigned to labour and child birth but can’t say I’m looking forward to it in any way.  There’s a strange sense of calm that seems to be increasing…like I know I can get through it, it’s only for so many hours and then it’s done, I don’t have to be pregnant any more.  I’m trying to will myself into believing that I want it to come, I want it to be intense because that’s how the baby gets here.  So I’m trying.  Still feel like a giant time bomb though.


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