That’s my new word I’ve committed to memory this week.  It means “it’s gone bad” (or so I’m guessing) in reference to food.  Even though I live in a country notorious for millions of starving people, food most definitely goes bad in my house.  The laundry lady saw some stalks of celery I left out and, indeed, tebelashtwal.  It’s like some bad ferenji habit or something that I can’t use up all the food before it goes off.  Why is that? I see it sitting there.  I think I should use it in something.  And it rots.  Or leftovers – they sit in the fridge till fuzz forms sometimes.  I have been able to pull off a second meal using leftovers on occasion but there are still little squares of tupperware in my fridge that call out to me and then are stifled by spores.  No one needs to remind me that millions are starving in Africa.  I live here.  I see it daily.  But the celery still goes bad.


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