Our Little Big Girl

Our girl is off to school! And I am feeling like such a parent…packing snacks and diapers. Checking amount of snacks eaten and diapers used once she gets home. The first day was so exciting to see her with her little backpack and pigtails. She barely acknowledged us as she got right into playing with all the new toys. And when she came home we got the full report. She especially liked the `weeee` aka the slide.

And what did this mama do with all her new found freedom? Scrubbed the kitchen floor. Twice! I was thinking about it…the amount of time I`ve spent away from Zizi probably wouldn`t even equal 24 hours. It`s a privilege for sure that a lot of moms would envy. I`m super grateful for all the time we`ve spent together and I will enjoy a few hours to myself all the same.


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