There is general unease in the city these days.  No, there’s no threat of bombings by disgruntled Somalis (not that I know of).  There’s power! It’s been a whole week with power.  Totally unexplainable by anyone as well.  If there truly was a rationing going on (due to low water for the dam), wouldn’t it make sense to slowly decrease the rationing i.e., every other day, every two days, etc? Why throw us for a loop with this constant electricity business?? It’s really just cruel.  I keep flicking light switches on and off throughout the day just to make sure someone down there at the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation hasn’t mistakenly left one of their switches unswitched.  

Besides the cruel joke factor, it is mentally soothing to have power constantly.  I can have a hot shower (heck, a bath even!) whenever I darn well please.  If Zizi has a particularly noxious poop, I don’t have to hose her down with cold water and have her scream.  I can be a lax parent and play movies all day.  No, that one I resist.  Maybe now I can make some food and keep it in the freezer.  Wow! So many options.

But it won’t last.  One of these days, we will be punished for our gluttony.  Hey! Meles! I’ve got the kitchen light on and I’m not in the kitchen.  Booyah.


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