Quite, quite shocking

Our little inefficient water heater has been giving us plenty of problems since we’ve moved in.  It leaks in the middle of the night creating a huge puddle that stretches from the bathroom and travels straight into our bedroom.  I’ve woken up a few times to get my phone off the floor and found it in a little lake.  (The husband has insisted on making our bed frame…a very cool idea however I have yet to sleep on it!!! so our mattress is on the floor.  Did I mention it’s a foam mattress?) So after having the heater “fixed” several times and still waking up to the groan inducing sound of water drip-drip-dripping, the husband took it down presumably to have it properly fixed somewhere else.  A week and a half later, I still had not had a proper hot shower.  After his terrible week at work plus the mini-floods at home, he decided to buy a new heater.  This is a big deal.  If anyone is married to an Ethiopian, you know their need to fix it and fix it again before a new one is even considered.  An admirable quality to be sure, however, I really really like hot showers and refuse to do cold.  It’s the one thing I can’t live without.  Plus I’ve been bathing Zizi is her baby tub which requires me to slowly heat up four big pots of water.  So we now have a sexy new shiny heater!! I was so excited last night to have a hot shower.  I kept peeking in at it to admire it’s shiny newness and to watch the dial go up up up as it heated the water.  I don’t remember the exact sequence of events.  I know I turned the water on and it made a loud sound as the water moved through to fill the empty pipe.  Then I climbed in and went to touch the hot water tap.  Zap! I got a hu-uuuge shock that made me yelp and left one finger stinging.  I quickly climbed out and put on my rubber soled shoes.  I was pretty freaked out but the water was still running.  Somehow at this point I decided I would still have a shower (not the smartest move on my part!) so I turned on the cold without incident and it seemed okay.  I jumped in with my shoes on and had a very terrifying shower.  But I did get to wash my hair.  Shutting off the water involved me clenching my teeth, yelping and wrapping a towel around my hand several times while small jolts still managed to get me.  When I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth, I could swear the lights dimmed. 

So I called the husband to tell him about my not so relaxing hot shower, the first I had in over a week, and his response was “You people are wimps”.  What people? The people with convenient indoor plumbing who don’t expect an electrical shock when they hop in the shower? I am guilty as charged.


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