Busy busy weekend

It was the Ethiopian New Year celebrations this past weekend.  2002! Ya, we’ll catch up soon.

On Thursday, Z and I went for a walk in the neighbourhood to check out the local chicken and sheep sales.  She was too scared of the chickens but could spot a spotted cat on a pile of logs from a mile away.  We bought some cut grass which she managed to haul home in a little bundle.  It was the Ethiopian version of Hansel and Gretel because I’m sure someone could have followed us by the trail of grass.  It’s tradition to spread it around your house on the floor.  It brings good forture I think or so I’ve been told by the husband who is seldom reliable in this department.  Anyways, considering we don’t have a maid, we just tossed it around the front step outside as to avoid any more cleanup than is necessary. That night we lit chibo (large bundles of twigs) and the whole city was smokey with sounds of random fire crackers going off and people singing.

The following day was lunch at the MIL’s house.  Because it was Friday, it was a fasting day so I couldn’t expect any good doro wat.  Saturday was spent at the FIL’s where Zizi managed to out-eat me.  She’s better at eating sega (meat) than I am and happily sits in her dad’s lap and eats beg (sheep)

She was also quite excited about cake…until we took it away.

but I was really liking that cake?!

but I was really liking that cake?!

 I had to wait until Sunday for good doro wat which is hard for a pregnant woman.  Waiting, that is.  But what I’m really craving is kitfo.  Which is strange because it’s meat.  The next holiday is Meskel so I only need to wait a couple of weeks.  We get invited over to our friend Yared’s house for the best kitfo ever made.

Oh, I saw a sheep herder guy cross the street away from his flock to take a leak (pee count = 5).  And I saw another guy squattin a dump in a grassy field (somewhat outside the city…as if I’m trying to make excuses for him or something?!) but I could only wonder how he might, uh, clean up.


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