Cookies have taken the brunt of my blah day.  I didn’t have much energy and am quite happy that I fed myself and my child today and even did the dishes afterwards.  I can’t recall that there were any vegetables eaten but somehow I’m okay with that.  Cookie count = 12! And the other bad part, they were individually wrapped! So much waste.

Anyways, I was hoping to spend some time with the husband (an hour?!) because he’s closed down the shop to do some renovations.  But the projects keep piling up, along with the frustrations, and as a result he had an incredibly bad day. 

I don’t understand people.  Really.  This is a very common theme here…person is hired to do particular job because he/she claims to have particular suited skills.  Person then does botched job (or doesn’t even bother to complete it) aaaaaand has no shame in presenting botched effort as worthwhile for payment.  Example: Husband is getting a pizza oven repaired which involved some metalwork.  He told the fixer guy last week what supplies/work would be required.  He dropped the oven off to be fixed and the guy worked on his own motorbike instead of doing what he said he would.  This is a friend of a friend.  A guy with no shame obviously.  And the craziest part is that his business won’t suffer because of it.  So what would be his motivation to do a good job? Personal pride in his work? That doesn’t seem to be there either for a lot of people.

My husband is lovely and yet seems to thrive on banging his head against the wall.  Me? I stay home.  I’m a housewife.  I eat cookies.


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Oh Saraaaa….how I do so love your writing. I have just finished a round of gut busting laughs that have left spittle on my screen.
    Great material to work with in the land of milk and honey and pee and poo and dead goats, floating men, hippos, LBJ (lazy bones jones’es) and jawbones.

    Your life is undoubtedly more “interesting” then mine.

    Miss ya – tash
    Tell Zizi that we say hi…we miss her too.
    And a big smooch for that poor head belonging to Tsega ; )

  2. Haha!! Oh, Sara…that reminds me of a time there when we also called the “friend of a friend” to fix our leaky faucet, and came home to a GIANT hole in the wall above the faucet (and no faucet). And we had to pay for it.

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