Every other day or half the month!

We have power outages every other day.  We live half the month without power.  It goes off in the morning between 6 and 8.  It doesn’t come on until 8 p.m. although this is a recent improvement (it used to be 10 or 11 p.m.).  Here are some things I, being the housewife I am, think about:

1.  Things going bad in the fridge.  I’ve got the setting pumped up so that on days with no power, it can stay relatively cold.  Sometimes I put the milk in the freezer part way through the day.

2.  Whether or not showering is an option.  We have a very inefficient and small hot water tank.  If the husband takes a shower in the morning, that means I can’t have one so that Zizi can have a bath later in the day.  Key for a toddler who loves to get her hands into mud and fling it around the compound.  While in her pyjamas.

3.  Doing all dishes before it gets dark because doing them in candlelight (while unromantic) is not fun.  It gets dark around 6:30/7.  Gotta be pretty organized to get that to happen.

4.  Entertainment.  The battery on the laptop lasts through one movie and a bit.  In toddler speak, it’s “Nemo” and the beginning of “Cars”.  We have a TV and satellite dish but since moving into our new house over two months ago, we haven’t bothered to set any of it up.  Every other day I would be missing an episode of something or rather and the feelings of disappointment are just too much.  Might as well not be disappointed.

5.  Puttering is at a minimum after dark which means toys get left out, laundry remains on top of the dresser, etc etc.

6.  Going to bed early.  It gets dark and Zizi is instantly tired which is a bonus.  And really, going to bed early is a bonus for me as well.  Even before I was pregnant, I have been known to go to bed before it hit 8.

7.  No ironing.  I actually enjoy ironing on occasion.  There’s something about getting out all those wrinkles that’s highly satisfying.  Like picking a scab or something.

8.  Making sure my mobile phone is charged.  Not that I get any calls.  But just in case I have an important text to send to the husband about Zizi’s poop.

The power just came on! My screen is so much brighter.  The hum of the fridge so comforting.  And yet somehow I know I won’t bother to iron, put away the clothes, or wash any dishes.  Might pick up some toys.  Maybe.


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