Pee count

So I thought maybe I could keep a count of men I see peeing on the street. Just for interest sake, you know! While I was ever so watchful, I saw only one girl today. On a fairly busy street, she did a not so dainty squat over a drain. And was shortly followed by her baby brother who took a dump. So…pee count: 1.

Today was the end of two weeks of fasting for Orthodox Christians which means wherever you’re invited, you…must…eat…meat. Which I hate. Especially gamey sheep. The husband decided we should buy a small sheep to take over to his mom’s. Zizi (our 19 month old daughter) enjoyed the sheep perusing but I think was a bit scared by all of them. You essentially stop where all the sheep dudes have gathered their flocks and pick one out you like. I’m not sure of all the markers of a good sheep. Teeth? Rump? I would probably look to see if they’d been bathed recently or something totally inappropriate like that. The sheep ‘baaaaed’ the whole way to his mom’s while tied up in the back of the car. Zizi looked entirely concerned with each ‘baaa’. And she should have been because he was soon hanging upside down and skinless. I had to pass by at one point and kept my one eye closed. There are no back doors in Ethiopia. Everything (almost) seems to done in the open. Giant exaggeration of course. But I’ve seen a lot of peeing in the street and a lot of carcasses in my time here. Actually when I got home today, there was a sheep er goat jaw bone right outside my door. Not something you would see everyday in Canada.


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