Too much Juno

On a day when I saw a dead body and a hippo for the first time, I also found out I’m pregnant. And I mostly blame it on the movie ‘Juno’. Taking that test is pretty darn exciting. I watched the first purple control line come up and then it raced up to make the next purple line too. Bingo. Pregnant. Fertile Myrtle.

Unlike the dead body and the hippo, this is my second pregnancy. Baby #2. It feels as if I sort of know what to expect with this one. But it’ll be an adventure nonetheless. We are in Addis, after all!


3 thoughts on “Too much Juno

  1. Holy cow! Congratulations! That’s really exciting. Hope Tsega takes good care of you and gets you lots of nice things (non-greasy goat meat) to eat.

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